CAD labelling templates

Labelling templates assist in the creation of clean markings on floors, on walls, cabinets and other objects. The characters are cut out of a tear-resistant foil and stabilised with a transparent backing foil. They can be used with brushed and sprayed paints and coatings.

The pre-made templates are available for numerical and alphabetical marking. They can be used in any combination and are suitable for alphanumeric labels.

Labels can be applied very easily and in minutes:

  1. Stick the labelling foil to the surface to be labelled a press down firmly.
  2. Pull off the backing foil from the corner point.
  3. Paint or spray over the cut-outs in the desired colour.
  4. Pull off the labelling foil, leave to dry, finished!


    Numeric or alphabetical characters, single-digit, film thickness 0,1 mm, tear-resistant, self-adhesive, transparent backing foil

    Font Heights:

    100 / 150 / 300 mm, others on request

    Shipping unit numbers:

    10 characters with 1 × [0 – 9]

    Shipping unit letters:

    10 x identic letter

    • Individual font sizes, typefaces and letterings
    • Special characters
    • Assembly service and colour application