Man-down labels

For optimal use of storage space are inevitably considerable shelf heights.

Also, for the upper shelf and difficult areas, we offer tools that facilitate the reading and scanning the shelf space significantly.

Man-down labels make the pitches from from the no longer scannable from pickers height positions. Scanning of the parking space is simple and safe in the optimal height for the picker.

They can be mounted vertically or horizontally aligned, on shelf carriers or bottom profiles.

In IPE beams (double-T support) man-down labels are combined with labels on angle supports an effective solution.


    Vertical or horizontal format, barcode type selected freely, wear-resistant pressure, anti-glare film, scalable lettering for optimum readability

    Label heights:

    freely selectable

    Label widths:

    10 to 100 mm, shelf-specific


    Yellow / White

    Font Color:


    • With check number (your choice of algorithm)
    • With direction arrow
    • With traction help for industrial trucks
    • Special films: retro reflective, heat-resistant
    • Other colors available