Shelf labels

Not all shelves are similar and also the requirements for the label contents are customized. Likewise, there are different locations and environmental conditions for shelf labeling.

Our shelf labels are adapted to the respective conditions. The formats of the shelf labels and the up-printed information is made variable.

Here, the space available for optimum readability of the labels each shelf is used.

The materials of the shelf labels and the ink are designed so that a long life is guaranteed. Label surface and imprint are non-reflective matt. You can also select shelf labels with special films for shelf labeling.

If in addition the use of label makers is useful for example to the upper shelf levels or specific edition profiles, we offer a wide range of standard solutions for shelf labels. Or we develop a cut and pragmatic implementation proposal for Regalbeschiftung or parking space marking.

We use numbering solutions for all types of shelves for shelf labeling for example:

  • Shelf racks
  • Pallet racks
  • Flow racks
  • Mobile racks
  • Cantilever racks


    Abrasion-resistant pressure, anti-glare film, scalable lettering for optimum readability

    Label heights:

    10 to 100 mm, shelf-specific

    Label widths:

    freely selectable

    Label color:

    Yellow / White

    Font Color:


    • With Barcode (barcode type selected)
    • With check digit (your choice of algorithm)
    • With direction arrow
    • With starting aid for industrial trucks
    • Special films: retro reflective, heat-resistant
    • Other label heights and colors available