Scanner & Terminals

The quick and reliable identification of storage positions and stored
goods is an important prerequisite for efficient picking, dispatch preparation
and other logistics processes. For this purpose, we deliver the technical
equipment across many manufacturers.

We offer identification hardware for any requirements:


1D/2D and barcode scanners for short and
long distances, for different ambient conditions
and radio technologies, in various price ranges

Hand-held terminals

As stated above, plus various processor, keypad and
screen versions, different operating systems and interfaces,
great variety of accessories (charging station,
holster etc.)

Combined units

As stated above, plus RFID with read-write function,
integrated or as plug-in mudule, different
ranges, standard codes and accessory modules

With the latest technology for mobile data acquisition, you can

  • transmit every movement directly from
    the warehousing / inventory management
    system - possible in radio-based connection
    via GSM / GPRS, WLAN or Bluetooth,
  • Pick times and mistakes minimize,
  • Order processing times minimize,
  • Container units within seconds capture -
    possible with bulk detection in RFID gates,
  • the incoming goods / outgoing goods
    immediately and implement correctly -
    especially in combination of RFID and EDI.