Labels for low temperature areas

When it comes to frozen storage, conditions are extreme for labels. It's Not Unusual did Temperatures are permanently below -30 ° C. That's challenging for the adhesion of labels.

At very low temperatures self-adhesive labels are not suitable for direct attachment. The adhesive film on the label can not cure sufficiently preventing an adequate bond to the base structure. The labels adhere poorly or not at all.

For this reason we recommend a magnetic labeling Solution for low temperature areas.

Our magnetic solutions not only adhere perfectly under low temperature conditions but also tolerate frost.

We deliver tailored magnetic labels which only need to be attached by the client.

We only use highly reliable processing and materials:

  • The magnetic strip is precision cut for length
  • Thorough hardening of the adhesive film onthe magnetic stripe
  • Permanent magnetic material: Permanently retains full magnetic force - even at the lowest temperatures
  • Thick magnetic strips: No bending at temperature fluctuations and maximum adhesion due to permanent full contact

The perfect solution for any refrigerated warehouse.


    Abrasion-proof print, reflection free film, scalable lettering for optimum readability

    Magnetic Strengths:

    Up to 3,0 mm

    Label Heights:

    20 to 100 mm

    Label Widths:

    Freely selectable

    Label Colors:

    Yellow / White

    Font Color:


    • With Barcode (barcode type selected)
    • With check digit (algorithm selectable)
    • With direction arrow
    • Special films: retro reflective, heat-resistant
    • Other label heights and colors available