Laminated labels

By laminating labels obtain a particularly hard-wearing surface that protects labels against "rough treatment".

1. Shelf Space numbering
In the work routine misadventures and carelessness can to the your barcode labels lead to damage: Incorrect sense of proportion during transportation or storage of pallets or bulky goods, too late braked transport carriage, and occasionally a support profile also serves ever as a support for heavy storage items.

2. Identification of (transport) containers
Ideally and durable label protection against weather conditions, many chemicals and liquids as well as against mechanical stress during Transport and storage.

Laminations protect labels all over. They are transparent and scanner compatible.


    Reflection-free laminating film, scanner compatible, scalable lettering for optimum readability

    Label Heigts:

    10 to 100 mm

    Label Widths:

    Freely selectable

    Label Colors:

    Yellow / White

    Font Color:


    • With Barcode (barcode type selected)
    • With check digit (algorithm selectable)
    • With direction arrow
    • Special films: heat-resistant
    • Other label heights and colors available