Metal labels

Metal labels are created for permanent missions in extremely stressful environments. Their nature guarantees a unique protection of the imprint against mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses. Metal labels can be in container, transportation and glued directly on the product, screwed or riveted.

The aluminum anodizing labels are manufactured in phototypesetting process by an aluminum plate is exposed and sealed with an anodized surface.

The surface sealing with an anodized layer has the hardness of sapphire - only diamonds are harder.

The applied barcode is due to the production of this metal labels virtually indestructible.

Temperatures from -50o to + 540o C to the barcode harm. Smog, salt air, corrosive vapors and acid-baths make him neither fade nor peel.

Also mechanical influences do not mind. Scratches have no chance. The label is corrosion-free and unbreakable.


    Temperature acid-, weather-, (salt) water, NaCl resistant, corrosion-free and extremely durable


    Up to 600 × 1,000 mm


    0.075 to 3.2 mm

    Font Color:


    • With drilling marks
    • With 2 or 4 drilling holes
    • With adhesive layer back, extra strong adhesive
    • More font colors and graphics printing on request