Smart Labels (= RFID Labels) are a combination of a transponder and a (barcode) label. The labels are made of both paper or film.

Smart labels are used for labelling:

  • Goods, packagings and containers,
  • Transport containers and loading aids,
  • Packages, shipping units and shipping labels.

The information on the transponder are read by stationary or mobile RFID readers and are immediately transmitted to warehouse management or ERP systems for stock and process management. Provided that the labels are additionally equipped with barcodes, they can be read by barcode scanners. All necessary information are saved on the transponders.

They can correspond to or vary from the encoded data saved on the barcodes.

Compared with barcodes and write-once transponders, data on rewritable transponders can be modified. They can contain variable information such as process control data, processing status, shelf-life data, filling levels and others.

We offer a wide range of standard labels but realise customised labels according to your individual needs as well.

Of course, we not only code the transponder inside the label but also print the labels to make the encoded information visible or to place an additional barcode.


    We supply Smart labels with passive or active transponder, in all current chip versions, memory sizes and in all available frequency ranges. The labels are made of either self-adhesive paper or polyester film.


    55 × 55, 105 × 55, 165 × 100,
    110 × 20 mm


    White, Yellow, Red, Blue,
    Dark Blue, Green, Grey, Black


    Also available as blank labels on roll

    • Individual label sizes
    • Consecutive numbering or algorithm
    • Multi-colour printing