RFID transponder & tags

RFID technology improves EDP-supported merchandise management and material flow control. It complements or replaces barcode systems whenever visual warehouse and logistics organisation won’t do. Easier product traceability and extended inventory support are other benefits.

We inform you about effective solutions and supply multi-vendor products and components that fit your logistic applications best.

Transponder resp. tags basically consist of an inlay (antenna and microchip) and a carrier (label). They are available in many technical variants, sizes and designs. Depending on the version, they are waterproof, acid-resistant, mechanic resilient and work at temperatures from -45 °C to +100 °C.

Transponder allow for bulk reading. Several transponders are read simultaneously, contactless and without a line of sight in so-called gates.

The key benefits of RFID technology at a glance:

  • Contactless writing and reading without a line
    of sight
  • Application also inside containers
  • Multiple write cycles, e.g. for varying status
  • Electronic article surveillance (EAS)
  • Simultaneous reading of several transponders
    at one time (bulk reading)
  • Nearly 100% reading rate
  • Simple integration into existing barcode based

    We supply passive and active transponders with all current chip versions, memory sizes and in all available frequency ranges. The labels are made of either self-adhesive paper or polyester film.

    Please ask for our current product portfolio.