Block storage signs

For block storage there are basically three different labeling options:

  • Floor markings and markings
  • Free hanging block storage signs
  • Poster Stand

Floor markings are highly stressed in block storage with constant truck trips. This can lead to a considerable wear and tear or damage to regular markings. Especially barcodes would no longer be properly and quickly scannable.

Here are our block storage signs an excellent alternative or additional labeling. They are simply deducted from the ceiling hangs and "float" so on the respective shelves.

The level of the suspension can be freely determined. This allows both an optimal scanning ability of bar codes as well as good visibility of signs already from far away.

Due to their special profile our block storage signs hanging at an angle of about 90 degrees. They are excellent to read and easily detectable by barcode scanners.

The signs can be covered with any labels. When using retroreflective sheeting the scan width is maximized.


    Shock resistant, non-fading, weather-resistant, matt, reflective tion free, 2 holes (diameter: 5 mm)


    500 × 200 × 50 mm
    (W x H x folded edge)


    3,0 mm



    Font Color:


    • As an alternative to labeling: self-adhesive foil labels in any design, precisely cut to size
    • Customized production, for example with company logo
    • Customized formats possible
    • Font and signs available in other colors
    • Other label heights and label colors possible