Color Coated floor markings

We deliver industrially usable soil colors which are also used in road construction. The colors are very resistant and can be used both inside and out.

Some marking applications are:

  • Jogging and driveways
  • Pallet and (block) storage areas
  • Parking spaces for vehicles and transport equipment
  • Stop markers and guidance

Of course you can also receive all the necessary to prepare and to apply resources:

  • Industrial cleaner for professional pre-cleaning
  • Brushes and rollers for quick application
    of colors
  • Chalk lines, masking tapes and
    Tapes for precise work

If you want to label your floor markings in addition, you can use label templates.


    Industrial colors for indoor and outdoor use, highly resistant


    White / yellow / red, others on request


    6/15 kg bucket reclosable

    Industrial cleaners, brushes, paint rollers, tapes, chalk lines, measuring tapes, labeling films and other components can also be obtained from us. Please inquire.

    On request you will receive professional services for floor cleaning, marking and numbering, including all materials.