Warehouse Signs & Floor Markings

Shelf row signs mark the "constitutional order" in the camp. They are clearly visible and provide a clear view even in large warehouses.

Shelf row signs are available in various colors and can be fitted with individual additions. In addition to shelf row- or aisle marking the signs may also contain references to storage areas or paths notes.

Both pallets and shelving racks can hereby be within minutes and simply furnished.

Optional rack rows are also signs in particularly robust "outdoor type" available.


    Shock resistant, non-fading, weather-resistant, super matt, reflection free, scalable lettering for optimum readability, assembly material included


    200 × 200 mm
    300 × 300 mm
    500 × 500 mm
    1000 × 1000 mm


    2,0 / 3,0 mm (depending on version)


    Yellow / White

    Font Colors:


    • Customized production, for example with company logo
    • Customized formats possible
    • Available as an angle or Signboards
    • Available as weatherproof door and ramp signs for outdoor use
    • Other fonts and colors on request