Magnetic labels

Do you want variable shelf space characterization?

Then we recommend magnetic adhesive labels. They are exchangeable within seconds and without residue.

Magnetic labels are especially suitable for areas in which quick and uncomplicated a reorganization of the article or numbering of parking spaces is to be realized.

Magnetic labels stick to any ferrous substrates and have a very long service life.

In extremely cold environments glue harden often not sufficiently and therefore do not achieve good adhesion. Therefore, we also recommend fbesonders ÜR frozen areas the use of magnetic labels.

The precisely fitted label film can be pasted over when required effortlessly, z. B. for new list end product at a reorganization of the numbering and markings.

Magnetic labels are unilaterally streifenmagnetisiert or provided with anisotropic magnets


    Abrasion-resistant pressure, anti-glare film, scalable lettering for optimum readability

    Magnetic strengths:

    0,5 bis 3,0 mm

    Label heights:

    10 bis 100 mm

    Label widths:

    freely selectable

    Label color:

    Yellow / White

    Font Color:


    • With Barcode (barcode type selected)
    • With check number (your choice of algorithm)
    • With direction arrow
    • Special films: retro reflective, heat-resistant
    • Other label heights and colors available