Floor markings

Floor markings from PVC shaped pieces are excellently suited for the identification of pallet and (block) storage areas. You can also drive and walkways characterize.

As a cost-effective orientation aids, floor markings keep order in block storage. For a quick barcode reading floor markings are also labled available.

The advantages over paint coated floor markings include:

  • no ink drying time of the surface,
    immediately walkable
  • no evaporation of toxic solvents
  • practical wear-free cleaning Optional label with
    - Coordinate Pitch
    - barcode
    - Guideline Signs
  • scanner compatible
  • easy replacement in case of gross damage or excessive wear
  • can be used variably and scalable


    Style PVC film, scanner compatible, walked on immediately, no drying time of the surface


    Ronde / Oval / tee / corner piece / cross-piece


    0,3 mm


    Yellow (Standard) / White / Red / Green / Blue

    Other colors available, by default labeled available (alphanumeric, barcode, Guideline Signs)